Property Managers

  • Maintain the property according to the standards of the Association and/or owners
  • Maintain assets and secure performance of all items as directed by the Board and owners
  • Maintain all forms of insurance related to property, as directed by the Board and/or owners
  • Hire and supervise personnel, independent contractors, and vendors as necessary
  • Authorize expenses for repairs and maintenance of property, subject to budget guidelines
  • Maintain compliance with all requirements of local and national governments or regulatory authorities

Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Prepare annual budgets for associations and properties and provide for Board/owner approval
  • Disburse payments for approved invoices- such as insurance premiums, vendor payments, agent fees, etc.
  • Maintain office records, books, and financial accounts in a manner approved by the Association/owners
  • Collect all assessments and fees due from owners and tenants
  • Furnish monthly financial records and other related info to the Board and/or owners
  • Report on financial asset reviews, balances, and allocations

Member Administration 

  • Maintain businesslike relations with the Board and owners, and keep records of all actions taken
  • Inform association members of all rules, bylaws, and other governing documents
  • Maintain current list of community members, and furnish to Association as needed
  • Prepare and mail member assessments, dues, notices, proxies, and ballots
  • Attend Board meetings at the request of the Board
  • Record meeting minutes for annual homeowners meetings, regular, and special Board meetings