Zach Johnson
President, Partner

Licensed Community Association Manager, CAM32606 and TN Affiliate Broker

Freeman Webb Company


Management Team

Metropolitan Properties has a Management philosophy unlike any in the industry. Priding ourselves on providing courteous and expedient expertise, we have devised a system of client care that is unrivaled, breaking away from the norms of community management. Rather than assign one manager to each client, MP assigns a team of managers to each client. Each team is led by a seasoned Senior Manager, supported by experienced Property Managers, and undergirded by a Junior Manger. This system ensures that every account has multiple sets of eyes and minds on its affairs at all times, granting the assurance that there is always an informed and capable management team member available to each client. Each team meets together multiple times each week to discuss, develop, and execute strategies to address each client’s needs, and achieve its goals. We believe that a culture of execution is built by working together, allocating all the muscle of our teams to every client under our care. No more starting from scratch with a new manager; no more waiting for a manager to come back from vacation to address pressing needs; no more fear that one day the manager you have developed a relationship with will move on, leaving you in a lurch. The Metropolitan Management philosophy guarantees that each client is supported by a team of quick and courteous experts, all of whom are postured and ready to provide elite service to every client.

Teddy Christenberry

Vice President

David Wall

Senior Property Manager

Glenn Carson

Senior Property Manager

Mary Katherine Bates

Senior Property Manager

Gordon Conaway

Property Manager

Cory Swanson

Property Manager

Dee Cotton

Property Manager

Kim Malone

Property Manager

Jacie Rush

Property Manager

Justin Burgess

Junior Property Manager

Robert Ottinger

Junior Property Manager

Nader Soliman

Junior Property Manager

Christie Vanvalkenburgh

Property Manager

Operations Department

Haley Adams

Director of Operations

Todd Fuller

Director of Business Systems

Jessica Black

Director of Administration

Accounting Department

Chris Berrios

Director of Accounting

Lynette Harrison

Director of Accounts Payable

Cass Roberts

Director of Accounts Receivable

Doug McLaughlin

Financial Analyst/Property Manager

Facilities Maintenance

Kyle Ivey

Director of Facilities Maintenance

Scott Robbins

Maintenance Technician

Clint Ivey

Maintenance Technician

Diana Medina

Cleaning Technician