Management System News Release


June 3, 2019


Metropolitan Properties Introduces Innovative Management System


2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of Metropolitan Properties (MP). Since inception, MP has been committed to establishing a company focused on an aggressive and energetic management style that delivers expertise to clients with speed and courtesy. Never satisfied or complacent, leadership has been consistently working to improve property and community management services and seeking to create innovative industry methodologies to set MP apart from the field. MP is more committed than ever to bring an elite product to everyone who comes in contact with staff and services.

To that end, for the last six months staff has been developing, engineering, and testing a new management system with the primary goals of: 

1.     Increasing management presence and responsiveness with each community, Board of Directors and resident

2.     Developing sustainable management infrastructure for and with each community

3.     Creating easier methods for clients to reach a capable and informed staff member

MP is excited to announce and unveil a cutting-edge method of managing properties and communities. Effective immediately, every MP client will have a team of managers assigned to the account. Gone are the days of one manager and one set of eyes exclusively managing a list of certain accounts. Each management team is led and overseen by a Senior Manager. His or her team consists of Portfolio Managers and a Junior Manager who undergirds and assists the entire team. Each week, teams meet multiple times to discuss action items, priorities, and targets for accounts. Having built in layers of accountability, this system ensures that clients are partnered with a company that is built on a culture of execution, continuity, and longevity. This management system insulates clients from frustration should a manager change, go on vacation etc. Additionally, it gives Board of Directors and residents access to various members on a team with ranges in skill sets and expertise, ensuring that the most complex issues and the most menial tasks can all be executed by the same informed group of managers.

President Zach Johnson: “We refuse to rest. Every day, we are strategizing and implementing progressive methods to deliver property and community management services at a faster and higher level.”

Metropolitan Properties has also settled into their new office at 4521 Trousdale Drive, Nashville, TN 37204.